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SOOF is based on anionic surfactants, wetting agents etc., and is specially designed wool washing liquid detergent ideally formulated to wash woolen garments, cashmere, nylon, and other synthetics belonging to the class of “delicate” clothes.

Commercial synthetic laundry powders with alkaline builders will harm woolen fibers, during washing process. SOOF is ideal for garments such as sweater, knitted fabrics, double knits, baby clothes, lingerie, blankets etc., It is miscible with water hard or soft in all proportions. It is neutral in character and nicely perfumed to leave a pleasant aroma to the washed garments.


SOOF can be used in all proportions with cold water, both manually as well as in laundry washing machines. For manual washing add 1/2 cap-full of SOOF for 2 litre of water or proportionately depends on load, and soak the garments for a few minutes. Gently squeeze and sud thorough. Do not rub. Then rinse thoroughly to remove traces of detergents and dry in shade. For household washing machine, use about ½   cap – 1 cup with cold water and give gentle cycles.

For stub-born stains, soak the garments longer or dilute SOOF with cold water and directly apply to the stain with gentle squeeze.


SOOF is a neutral detergent having a good shelf life. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. In case of contact with skin. In case of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of cold water and obtain  medical attention. Keep out of the reach of children.


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