Carpet Extraction Cleaner

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SANA CARPET EXTRACTION CLEANER is specially designed for the cleaning of carpets on industrial basis and to maintain the cleaned carpets from resoiling. It is based on a surface modified polymer with excellent cleaning properties. The advantages of this product can be summarised as :


  • It has excellent cleaning properties sufficient to pass standard tests as stain removers.
  • It protects the cleaned carpets from resoiling since it leaves no tacky or hygroscopic residues.
  • it has a short drying time and the residue is dry and does not adhere to carpet.
  • It contains wetting and dirt suspension agents for best results.
  • The controlled foam production makes easy appli­cation by automatic cleaning machines.
  • It is miscible with tap water in all proportions and leaves a pleasant odour.
  • It has good storage stability.


4 ltr

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