Ceramic Cleaner


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SANA CERAMIC CLEANER is an excellent hard surface acidic cleaner removes water and mineral scales instantly.


For best results remove oil and grease from surface, apply SANA CERAMIC CLEANER full strength on the surface by brush or tissue or rag. Wash off with water after 15 minutes. Do not allow SANA CERAMIC CLEANER to dry on the surface as it leaves a whitish mark on the surface. Flush with large quantities of water. Repeat the procedure, if necessary.

For vertical walls, apply SANA CERAMIC CLEANER full strength to the surface by brush or sponge and rub to react with the dirt or water scale. Allow sufficient time to react, and then flush with large quantities of water to clean.

SANA CERAMIC CLEANER should not be used on delicate floors, decorative coatings, fiber glass surfaces, concrete finishing’s or other mild surfaces. In such cases, it is always advisable to try a hidden area of the surface to be cleaned and check any etching will result, before proceeding to actual cleaning work.


600 Ml Ctn.


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