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Powerful Chlorine Disnfection


CHLORSAN is a stabilized liquid bleach based on Hypochlorite solution with active chlorine, which is a powerful oxidizing agent with outstanding biocidal properties. Both gram positive and gram negative organisms display susceptibility to the oxidising power of chlorine. This includes common organisms such as salmonella and pseudomonas which all too often enountered in processing areas. Problem causing yeasts are also readily destroyed by the biocidal action of chlorine gas along with slime producing molds and fungal contamination. However, when the product is first used in disinfection applications, the usage is limited due to its gaseous state and extremely dangerous handling difficulties. With the introduction of liquid bleach the gas chlorine can be less dangerously handled in the form of a liquid chlorine compound which releases gas chlorine in contact with the contaminants or organic matter destroying the bacteria or fungi.

Further chlorine shows outstanding bleaching properties to many fibres and other organic and inorganic compounds, thus it is accepted as a universal bleaching agent with application in laundry, textile processing, wood pulp and many other processing industries.

Due to these excellent properties, liquid bleach finds extensive applications in many industries for disinfection and odour control such as :-

  • In potable water purification and general sanitising
  • For control of cross infection in hospitals institutions, and nursing homes.
  • In dairy, meat, poultry and fish processing plants.
  • In food preparation units, catering, kitchen, beve­rage plants etc.,.
  • As a liquid bleach in laundry, paper pulp, and other chemical processing units.
  • As a general disinfectant in household use, toilet, kitchen floor, drainage and animal shelters.

For household    disinfection:

use 1/8 cup for gallons of water and apply on the surface to be cleaned . Leave for about 5 minutes and clean with plenty of water.

For toilet stain removal:

 Add 1/2 1 cup of CHLORSAN direct to the bowl and spread on the surface. Leave for several minutes and clean using a brush and water for stubborn stains.

Disinfection of bath-tubs, showers, kitchen Sink etc:

Prepare a solution of CHLORSAN by adding about 40-50 ml (1.5 ouz) to 1 gallon water to obtain about 600 ppm available chlorine. Clean the surface prior to application of disinfectant. Spread the diluted CHLORSAN solution and leave it for 5-10 minutes and flush.

For Laundry:

Pretreat the stubborn stain before the wash. Soak, if necessary for 5 minutes in a diluted Chlorsan solution of 1/4 cup with 1 gallon water.

Chlorsan can be used along with a compatible detergent. Follow machine manufacturer’s use instructions. Add Chlorsan 5-6 minutes after the wash cycle has begun. For regular top loading machine 1 cup to 1.5 cup. Large top loading machine 1.5-2 cup.

Hand loading use 1/8 cup to 2 gallons water. Use rubber gloves.

Do not bleach fast colours, silk, wool, leather etc.,, using Chlorsan.


Corrosive product. Do not get into clothes and skin. In case of contact remove contaminated clothing and flush with large quantity of water. If, irritation persists, obtain medical attention . In case of eyes,

flush with copious amounts of clean cold water and obtain immediate medical attention. It is a powerful oxidizing agent. Do not mix with any other chemicals other than recommended detergent. Prolonged contact with metal should be avoided to eliminate pitting or metal discoloration. Keep in a safe place away from children, preferably in a locked cabinet or high on a shelf.


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