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SANA CLEANOFF LIQUID is a heavy alkaline liquid cleaner suitably designed for removal of grease, dirt, oil residues etc… by saponification and emulsification The product is caustic based and therefore, it is highly alkaline. It is not corrosive to stainless steel, ferrous metals, epoxy coatings but should not use on aluminium, magnesium, zinc coated surfaces etc…


Method of usage depends on the degree of contami­nation.
For floor cleaning operations: use 10 – 30% solution with fresh water. A hot water solution gives best results. Apply the solution on the floor, mop or brush to emulsify and clean with plenty of water. For stubburn stains and heavy deposites, use the product at full strength allowing 15-30 minutes residence time.
For Machinery Cleaning : Brush or spary the product diluted with 15-30% with fresh water and scrub on the surface. Allow sufficient retention time and flush with copious amounts of water.
Diptanfc method : Prepare a bath of 20-30% solution, heat to 50-60 deg.C. and immerse the object to be cleaned for about 10-15 minutes. Remove and flush with either hot water or steam.
Rotating spray method: in crude oil storage tanks or vessels equipped with rotating spray heads, SANA CLEANOFF LIQUID will greatly speed up cleaning operations. Spray the product to the surface and fill with water, allow to remain for about 30-60 minutes. Agitate, if possible and drain down using fresh water.


SANA KLEANOFF LIQUID is a highly alkaline heavy duty cleaner. It is corrosive to skin. Use protective gloves and face shield during handling and cleaning operation. In case of contact with skin, immediately wash with plenty of water and obtain medical attention, if irritation persists. For eyes, flush with cold water at least for 15 minutes and obtain immediate medical attention
The product is stable and unaffected for prolonged time. Keep in a cool dry place away from direct heat source. Storage in open yard is allowed, however, preferably under shed. Keep away from other chemicals and acids. Discard the container after use. Keep always the product tightly capped after use.




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