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SANA LAUNDRY STARCH is a free flowing powder, suitably designed to provide high penetration combined with good flexibility and strength to obtain excellent finish for laundered linen. It imparts a “fresh-crisp feel” to the fabric and resists resoiling of clothes to some extent. The starched linen is normally easier to wash and iron, as the starch film inhibits penetration of dirt deep into the fabrics. The product is non hazardous and will not damage delicate fabrics. It is uniformly dispersible in wash cycle thereby ensuring excellent results.


SANA LAUNDRY STARCH can be instantly used by adding directly to wheel or by preparing a pre-cooked solution. Best results are obtained when a pre-cooked solution is used.

Prepare a stock solution of SANA LAUNDRY STARCH by adding at a rate of about 100 – 150 gms of starch powder to about 1 gallon of water. Stir well and boil the mixture for about 5-10 minutes. In case of lump formation due to non-stirring, filter before use. The stock solution should contain about 40 – 50 grms dry starch/liter (approximately 4 – 5 %)

At low water level, add about 350 – 450 gram dry SANA LAUNDRY STARCH for about 45 kg dry load

clothes, and run the cycle for 5 -10 minutes at 55 – 60 Deg. C. For uniforms and other cotton fabrics, increase the dosage to 600 – 700 grams of dry starch for 45 kg load. Always weigh the starch and do not guess. In case of pre-cooked starch solution, add enough quantity so as to keep a dosage of dry starch in the solution, as given above.


he product is non-hazardous and does not require particular handling precautions. Always keep the lid properly closed and store in a cool dry place, away from moisture and heat. Spillage of water will tend lump formation. In case of contact with skin, wash with plenty of clod water.


25 kg Drums


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