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MASS LIQUID is a mild blend of liquid acids with a modified surfactant system designed to effectively clean and descale toilet bowls, urinal, bathroom fixtures etc.,. The high viscosity of the product ensures sufficient retaining time on vertical surfaces thus allowing faster cleaning. The acidic nature ensures descaling of urinal scales, water deposits or other lime scales.
Since the product works as a good descalant, it is an excellent wash room cleaner useful for cleaning applications of bath room tiles, bath tubs, fixtures, table tops, kitchen area, floors, walls etc.,. The acidic formulation is a carefully balanced blend which on normal applications will not corrode metallic fixtures unlike strong acidic formulations.

The surfactant imparts excellent wetting out properties thus emulsifying the organic dirt leaving a sparkling toilet.


Apply MASS LIQUID direct to the surface and agitate with a suitable brush. Flush to clean with copious amount of water. Frequent use of MASS LIQUID leaves toilet odourless and sparkling.

FOR DESCALING: Apply on the surface and deposits etc.,. Flush with water to remove the emulsified dirt.


MASS LIQUID is a weak acidic formula. Do not allow to contact prolonged time on skin. In case of contact flush with water to clean. For eyes, wash with plenty of water and obtain medical attention. Keep the product in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or heat.


4 Litre




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