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QUAT DISINFECTION AGENT is a low temperature sterilizing agent effective for both gram positive and gram negative bacteria. It is considered to be non-toxic to humans and mamals in concentrations recommended for bacterial control process.

The active ingredient Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride present in the formulation is one of the best known Quatnerary Ammonium Compound in terms of bacterial activity.


QUAT DISINFECTION AGENT is a rion-toxic disinfe­ction agent active as a bactericide and bacteriostatic agent, finds extensive application in surface disinfection for many industries to name a

Food Processing Industries

Soft Bottling Plants

Butcher stalls

Hotel kitchens

Fish and meat stalls

Hospital floors and equipment

Poultry & Dairy farms etc.,.


contamination increases and heavily contaminated surface should be cleaned with a suitable detergent system prior to disinfection.

For regular sanitizing – use 200-500 ml to 100 litre of water. For sanitizing kitchen utensils, table tops, crockeries, food trays, kitchen floor etc.,, use 0.5% solution (500 ml to 100 litre water)


The product is not compatible with anionic detergents and therefore do not mix with soap and use. During disinfection of heavily contaminated surfaces, wash with soap and rinse with plenty of water to remove soap traces and then apply QUAT DISINFECTION AGENT.


Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sun light. Shelf life 1 year from date of production under ideal storage. Do not contaminate with skin. In case of contact wash with plenty of water. For eyes irrigate with copious amount of water for atleast 15 minutes and obtain immediate medical attention.


4 liter


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