Ribla – Fabric Softner

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RIBLA  is a highly active fabric softener and brightener, specially designed to impart a soft and smooth finish to all classification in laundry work. It neutralizes the static electricity from the garments, developed during the washing cycle, thus making clothes soft, bouncy and ironing easier. It reduces extraction and tumbling time and speeds up shake-out at flat table tumbling. It is having a number of advantages such as:


  • Due to neutralization of static electricity, RIBLA eliminates rolling –on during flat work ironing.
  • It reduces extraction and tumbling time.
  • It is a liquid. Can directly add to the washing wheel, thus convenient in handling.
  • Makes clothes soft and bouncy.
  • It leaves a pleasant aroma for the treated fabrics.


RIBLA  is a suitable for a wide range of laundry applications in hospitals, commercial, institutional and domestic laundries.



2 Liter

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