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Rust is the combination of iron, air and moisture which can gradually destroy any metal parts. SANA RUST REMOVER is a cleaner and surface modifier for mild steel, carbon steel, cast iron, copper, brass and aluminium. SANA RUST REMOVER can be applied by brush or sponge, roller or spray (airless – for spraying always use plastic spray machines recommended for this purpose) on surfaces to be cleaned and allow to dry. After the solution dries, the treated surface can be wiped with dry cloth or brush and surface coating can be done without washing. Rust will not form further, as the dried cleaner stays on the surface. Metal surface gets phosphatised and this film protects the metal from further rusting. Thus, in one easy to apply step, it converts rust which is unstable ferrous oxide, to stable black iron oxide magnetite and prepares the metals for practically any surface coat.


SANA RUST REMOVER can be used on newly fabri­cated tanks, rusted body work, underside of chassis, wheel wells, garden tools, metal railings, hand tools, metal cabinets, agricultural equipment, bridges, chains, fans and ventilation housings, guard rails, storage containers, structural steel, tank farms, water towers, containers, deck equipment, pilings, pipe line, pumps, tanks, refinery maintenance, storage tanks, oil tankers, off-shore rigs, platforms etc… made of mild steel, carbon steel, cast iron, copper brass etc…

SANA RUST REMOVER should be applied directly to rust or surfaces that may be cleaned. It may be applied with brush, sponge, roller or spray (airless special sprayers are required) and should be applied directly without dilution to rusted or unrusted metals.

When you apply SANA RUST REMOVER to the metal surface, the metal surface gets phosphatised and forms a film or seal which helps to protect the metal from further rusting. The quantity of SANA RUST REMOVER required to clean the metal surface will depend upon the thickness of rust present. When applied on very rough surfaces, we suggest you to use a dry cloth or a synthetic abrasive pad to achieve maximum penetration or to wipe the treated surface.

SANA RUST REMOVER cleans and stops most corrosion with one application and for heavily rusted surfaces and for longer term protection, we recomme­nd a second coating also.


SANA RUST REMOVER is corrosive in nature and contains liquid acids. Therefore, for spraying always, select plastic spray machines recommended for the purpose. Do not use ordinary water spraying machines. Refer manufacturer’s instructions for machine use, before using SANA RUST REMOVER.


SANA RUST REMOVER is highly corrosive and is a mixture of liquid acids. Always, use hand gloves and goggles during handling. Do not contaminate with skin. In case of contact, mop up with plenty of water. For eyes, flush with large quantities of cold water and obtain immediate medical attention. Do not reuse empty containers. Do not mix with any other chemicals.

Store in a cool place, away from other chemicals. The product is stable more than one year when stored at 25 deg. C. Store away from direct heat source and naked flame.


25 litre plastic container


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