Sana Acid Clean

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SANA ACIDCLEAN is specially designed low foaming hard surface cleaner suitable for removal of dirt, stain, water scale deposits or cement patches etc. from ceramic tiles, china or porcelain surfaces.  It is an excellent all purpose brightener-cleaner liquid which finds application for finishing work of newly built buildings, plants, hospital floors, institutional and industrial floors etc.


  • It is an all purpose acidic cleaner for general cleaning operations.
  • It finds extensive application for finishing work of newly built buildings.
  • As an effective wall or tile cleaner for bathrooms, floor, specially for vertical surfaces.
  • For deschaling mild water scale deposits from swimming pools, wash rooms, wet areas or other hard surfaces

and floors.

  • As an acidic cleaner for ceramics, stainless steel, mild steel and plastics.
  • It is low foaming and does not contain any disinfectant.


4 Ltr

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