Sana Bright

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SANA BRIGHT  is a advanced laundry chemical formulation incorporating zeolites as a replacement to phosphate in order to achieve better environmental safety. Zeolites is having excellent calcium ion up taking capacity at low temperatures thereby softening the water considerably to obtain better detergency properties. Zeolites also promotes higher liquid surfactant loading capacity, bleach stability and better compatibility. It effectively removes iron manganese and copper ions in wash water which can cause fabric discoloration and deactivation of bleaches.


Combination of non-ionic and anionic surfactants along with sodium carbonate, soil anti-redeposition agents etc. guarantees excellent soil removal from almost all fabrics normally encountered in laundry.


The product is superior to the conventional laundry detergents by way of:


Higher non-ionic and anionic contents ensures effective removal of dirt, tough soil, stains etc. giving extra brightness to cloth.


Contains no phosphate and hence more environmentally friendly.


Substitution of phosphate with zeolites increasing higher calcium combining capacity instant softening of hardwater, stability of bleach in the formulation and higher liquid surfactant loading capacities.


It is compatible with different type of surfactant system and product is more stable.


Soil anti-redeposition agents, optical brighteners etc. ensures brilliant finish tolaundrered linen.



25 Kg

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