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The chlorinated isocynaurates were introduced to the Swimming Pool market in 1958 and are a concentrated source of Chlorine for Swimming Pool sanitation. Since that time chlorinated cyanurates have grown to take and important place as sanitizing agents for residential and public swimming pools in the world.

SANA CHLOR is very stable to sunlight and heat over a long period as chlorine is stabilized by Cyanuric acid. The Isocyanurates are reported to be more cost effective and safer at the appropriate treatment level than Sodium Hypochlorite or Calcium Hyochloriets. Chlorinated Isocyanurates hydrolyze to hypochlorous acid and Cyanuric acid. The cyanuric acid acts as a sun screen for hypochlorous acid (possibly by absorbing ultraviolet radiation) thus stabilizing the chlorine level in the pool for longer periods of time. When SANA CHLOR is added to the pool water, hypochlorous acid is produced which is the active material in the process of killing bacteria algae and other oxidixable materials.


SANA CHLOR is a solid organic compound which have improved resistance to loss of available chlorine in the presence of moisture and can be used for bleaching, disinfecting, sterilizing and other purposes.

We recommend SANA CHLOR granules and SANA CHLOR TABLETS for Swimming Pool sanitation, to keep your pool water crystal clear and sparkling, safe against bacteria, free from pollution and algae and to keep your pool a perfect place to enjoy.


Modern pool practice favors the use of SANA CHLOR granules or SANA CHLOR Tablets through – out the swimming season. It is always advisable to keep a free chlorine residual of not less than 1.5 ppm to 2 ppm to assure proper sanitation of the pool by rapidly killing the bacteria and virus introduced into pool water by swimmers air, dust, rain and other sources and to keep the swimming pool water in sparkling conditions. For best results the pool must be properly conditioned first with SANA CONDITIONER. The quantity of SANA CONDITIONER to be added is given in the table. The PH of the pool must be maintained between 7A to 7.6. If the pH is more than’ 7.6 use SANA DRY ACID as indicated on the pack

The addition of SANA CHLOR per day for a stabilized pool is approximately 2 grams/250 U.S Gallons of water or 2

grams per cu.meter approximately, (see the table for the addition of SANA CHLOR).  An increase in bath load, water

. temperature etc, will cause your pool to use more chlorine.


Store in a cool dry place. Do not bring this material in contact with other chemicals. Don not inhale the material and ii contacted with eyes or skin flush with plenty of water and call for medical attention.


Net45Kgs- in plastic drums.


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