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SANA DEGRESOL -300 is a powerful solvent degreaser / cleaner designed for cold cleaning operations for various maintenance jobs in the industry. It is an excellent metal degreaser due to the high solvency power, non-inflammability and its non-corrosive nature. The degreasing properties are much faster several times than alkaline cleansers or detergent degreasers and involves no tedious cleaning operations thus much cost effective and convenient. It also works as an excellent stripping agent for adhesives, paint, wax, lacquer and other coating from metal surfaces. Due to its low surface tension, it is easily penetrating to the blind holes and otherwise inaccessible areas, thus achieving better cleaning efficiency.


WIPING: Use a proper applicator like sponge/cloth/or a suitable brush and wet with SANA DEGRESOL-300 and wipe dry.
DIPPING:Prepare a suitable bath to dip the object. Occasional agitation will speed up the cleaning operation . Refill the bath when heavily contaminated. The operation should done at highly venti Hated area.
SPRAYING:For huge objects, spray directly onto the surface and agitate to stop the grease wipe dry. Excessive vapour concentration and effect of the product on spraying equipment has to be taken care of. Do not use plastic or rubber spraying equipment as rubber and plastic will get affected by the product.


gloves and breathing equipment and goggles during handling. Always run the cleaning operation, in a well ventillated area, away from naked flame and ignition.
Do not inhale vapours. Continuous inhalation will cause mucus irritation giddiness, headache etc.,. In case of contact, flush with large amount of water. For eyes contact, irrigate with plenty of water atleast for 15 minutes and obtain immediate medical attention.
Exposure limits: Time weighted average(continuous exposure for 8 hours: 40 hours a week = 50 ppm.)

Short term exposure limit: 15 minutes = 200 ppm.


25 Liter


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