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To get most effective and economical performance for swimming pool chemicals pH control of the water is an important factor. Excellent results are obtained at a pH range between 7.4 – 7.6 when chlorine used for conditioning the pool.
SANA DRY ACID  and SANA STABILIZER  work well to control the acid alkalinity level of swimming pool water


During the control of total alkalinity of pool water to set conditions favourable for chlorination. Often pH may raise about 7. Also in the areas of high alkalinity frequent doses of SANA DRY ACID may be required for pH stabilization. The actual quantity of SANA DRY ACID required to bring back the pH to 7.4 – 7.6 . will depend upon the nature of pool water. Normally when the alkalinity is below 180 ppm small doses are sufficient. For about 10,000 gallons of water. Addition of about 650 grams of SANA DRY ACID will reduce the total alkalinity to approximately 5 ppm.

If the pH is above 7.6 sprinkle SANA DRY ACID over the surface of the pool water, wait for a few minutes, measure and establish pH by using a reliable test kit. Do not allow the pH to drop below 7.2 because of the corrosive effect of pool recirculating system and interior surface. In case pH drops below 7.2 add SANA STABILIZER  to raise the pH to 7.4


Avoid contact with skin eyes and clothing. Can cause skin irritation or burn. Do not take internally. In case of contact with eyes flush with large quantities of water and obtain medical attention.


Net 50 Kgs. In plastic drum


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