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SANA EMULSOL is a solvent based low viscosity, golden brown liquid emulsifier suitably designed for cold degreasing.  It gives a rapid emulsion separation, thus highly effective for removal of oil, grease, sludge or other dirts normally present in equipment, plant or other engineering components.  It works as an excellent marine tank cleaner too, for on board ships previously carried either crude petroleum products or animal/vegetable oils etc


SANA EMULSOL gives a safer washing environment and a cost effective cleaner when a suitable cleaning method is adopted for the specific job.  The product is so versatile with a high flash point, hence can be applied with conventional brushing, dipping or spraying technique.
DIPPING: The most economical method of cleaning can be achieved for medium and small objects using a proper dip tank bath.  Either a carbon steel or aluminium tank can be fabricated.  Dip the object to be cleaned for 15 – 30 minutes, take it out and flush with water jet or steam.
Always run the dipping operation in a ventilated area, away from naked flame or extreme heat source, Do not heat the system more than 60 deg. C.
WIPPING: For larger objects that cannot be moved easily, cleaning operation can be carried out by wipping technique.  Depends on the character and thickness of the contamination, moisten a cloth or applicator with sufficient quantity of SANA EMULSOL and wipe dry.
SPRAYING: For larger cleaning operation, spray the product directly on the object, allow to emulsify the dirt.  Agitate with a brush or applicator, if necessary.  Allow to remain for 15 – 30 minutes and flush to clean.  Spraying is more effective and can avoid problems of dismantling of objects.  It is particularly useful for cleaning areas which are inaccessible to wipping and brushing.
BRUSHING: SANA EMULSOL can be brushed to clean objects, where the other methods are not practical.  It is relatively simple, economic and more safe.  Just Brush on to the surface and after a while flush to clean
FOR MACHINERY DEGREASING: Use the product at full strength for optimum results.  Apply the product directly on to the surface using a suitable cleaning method and allow the product to remain 15 – 20 minutes.  Flush with water or steam jet.

Removal of crude oil residues from storage tanks, pipes etc. can be effectively carried out using SANA EMULSOL. Coverage =

1 Litre / m2.
FOR FLOOR CLEANING: Use full strength for heavy contamination.  Wet the surface of the floor by pouring or spraying.  Agitate with a brush or suitable agitator and allow to remain for a while.  Flush with water and clean.  Coverage 1 Litre / m2. In case of light contamination SANA EMULSOL can be used along with petroleum distillate to obtain better coverage and cost effectiveness.
CLEANING OF COOLING SYSTEM: Fill the cooling system with SANA EMULSOL and water at a dilution of 10 – 15%, depends upon the contamination.  Allow this emulsion to circulate for 12 – 24 hours at elevated temperature of about 50 Deg. C.  Drain and clean the system with large quantity of water.  This operation is particularly useful for pipe line cleaning operation in process Industries, water treatment plants etc. For crude oil piping system, use full strength at room temperature.


SANA EMULSOL is a strong degreasing agent in petroleum distillate.  Avoid prolonged contact with skin.  In case of contamination, flush with water to clean.  In case of eye contact, flush with large quantity of water and obtain immediate medical attention.  Use protective gloves and face shield during handling or spraying the product.
The product is having an excellent storage stability.  Does not get affected or deteriorated for storage upto 2 years.  Open yard storage is acceptable, however, due to the high temperature in summer in Middle East, store the product  in a store under cover.  Keep away from direct heat source and naked flame.


200 Ltr Drum


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