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SANA LITE  is a combination of synthetic detergent and emulsifiers suitably developed for laundering delicate and coloured clothes. Its new combination of non – ionic and anionic detergents ensures excellent cleaning properties. The gentle detergent builder system does not damage clothes but promotes better cleaning efficiency and the optical brightener present gives brightness to the washed linen.


Sana Lite should be added directly to the wheel through the supply door. Depends on the soil load, classify the clothes and run the cycle separately. Do not mix coloured work with whites work. Do not wash fast colours. For light soil add about 400 – 500 grams/100 Kgs dry clothes.

For heavy soil add about 750 – 850 grams / 100Kg dry clothes.

Run the cycle for about 10 – 15 minutes, extract and rinse. Always follow  manufacturer’s washing instructions, when laundering delicate and coloured clothes.

Better results are obtained at higher temperatures. Only clothes that is recommended to wash at higher temperature should only run at heating cycle. Do not heat above 60 Deg. C. Never heat woolen and fine clothes contrary to garment manufacturer’s instruction.


SANA LITE  is a low-alkaline mild detergent. Avoid skin contact on a prolonged time. In case of spillage during handling wash with water. For sensitive skin, use handling precautions.

Store in a cool dry place, away from moisture and direct heat. Keep out of reach of children. Always keep the drum/bag tightly closed after use.


25 Kgs. Bag


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