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SANA QUAT  is a powerful sterilizing and disinfecting agent ideal for use in hospitals, food processing units, butcher stalls, fish processing industries, dairy and poultry and laundries et., wherever a high sanitation is required. The strong bacteriostatic properties If SANA QUAT  inhibits the growth of gram positive and gram negative bacteria effectively. The active ingredient used in SANA QUAT  is a strong powerful disinfectant known for many years as a powerful low temperature sterilizing agent and is non – toxic and hazard free. This product is very safe to use in food processing industries as it eliminates bad odours due to the presence of bacteria.

SANA QUAT has got an excellent hard water resistance and is readily soluble in water without precipitation caused by water hardness. SANA QUAT  can be applied in a wide pH range, even in weak alkalis.


This product is free of odour and non toxic. Contamination of food with diluted solution is harmless. Prolonged contact of concentrated solution with skin should be avoided. If comes in contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water and obtain medical attention.


20 Liter


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