Universal Disinfection Cleaner

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Universal Disinfection Cleaner is an all purpose germicidal detergent sanitiser, suitably formulated to clean, disinfectant
and deodorize various surfaces in one operation. The combatible and powerful non-ionic emulsifier with QUAT based
quaternary Ammonium Compound ensures high order of germ free cleanliness. Designed for institutional use such as
hospitals, nursing-home, schools, colleges, medical, veterinary clinics, dairy and poultry farms etc.,.
It is active against gram positive pathogen STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS, gram negative pathogen Salmonella Cholera
Esuis and hospital pathogen PSEDOMONAS aeruginosa etc., Experimental testes carried out shows substantial inhibition
of bacterial growth at 200 pm active Quat. (at a dilution of UDC at 1:250). It is permissible to use the product in food
processing industries such as restaurants, dietary areas, meat and poultry processing plants and stalls, poultry and meat
and egg products industries.


20 Liter

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